Michael Plesniak - Director

The George Washington University recently launched phase two of an effort to identify and support the most promising and relevant research areas for the purpose of invigorating them with additional resources and enhanced visibility. The potential associated with the emerging discipline of biomimetics and bioinspired engineering led to the selection of the Center for Biomimetics and Bioinspired Engineering (CBBE) as one of eight new signature programs, and we are well poised to make significant contributions to the field. GW faculty associated with the Center have ongoing research programs and established reputations, and the support of the Center will facilitate the multidisciplinary approach that is necessary in order to make meaningful strides in this emerging research area.

In addition to a focus on research and scholarship, the Center will involve undergraduates in research that will enhance their overall educational experience and, we hope, inspire some of our best students to pursue graduate study and careers in the field. GW is proud to support CBBE and we are confident that our investment in the program will greatly benefit our students and GW's reputation as a major contributor to educational and research programs that enrich our global society.

Next Generation Technologies - Learning from Nature


In the last few decades, much of the focus in engineering has shifted to small, multi-functional machines and "smart" technologies. This has been enabled by recent advances in materials, actuators, sensors, control algorithms, computer technology, and manufacturing processes. However, despite our seeming prowess in these component technologies we find it hard to outperform Nature in this arena; Nature's solutions are smarter, more energy-efficient, agile, adaptable, fault-tolerant, environmentally friendly and multifunctional. Thus, there is much that we as engineers can learn from Nature as we develop the next generation machines and technologies and this has been the motivation behind the creation of CBBE.

The primary objective of the Center is to develop infrastructure for interdisciplinary research and education, and to conduct research in the area of biomimetics and bioinspired engineering.