Locomotion Observation Facilities

Insect Observation System
The objective of the insect observation system is to store and observe a variety of insects that will lead to the design of systems that mimic insect-like motion. The COBRE insect observation system consist of high speed cameras capable of recording multiple views of insect locomotion at thousands frames per second in confined space. An insect sting is designed and mounted on an optical table to study and analyze insect flight.









Fish Aquarium and Observation System
The objective of the fish observation system is to observe and acquire experimental data describing the kinematic motion of fish while swimming. The observation system will consist of one fish aquarium, which will serve as the living space for the fish. A mechanism will be designed and fabricated that permits the aquarium to be flexibly divided into two compartments, one for living space and another for observation space. The observatory compartment will be designed such that it can accommodate obstacles as needed for experimentation. The observation compartment will be set up with dimensions that match the field-of-view of a high-speed camera that records movies of fish motion.