Design biologically inspired nanomaterials and 3D bioprinting for complex tissue regeneration


Dr. Lijie Grace Zhang and co-workers developed a comprehensive design of engineered vascularized bone construct, integrating biomimetic 3D printed fluid perfused microstructure with a biologically inspired smart growth factor nano release system (colored fibers). The design provides great potential for complex tissue/organ regeneration by delivering multiple growth factors (small spheres), in a highly coordinated manner based on appropriate time, location and biological signal.


Prof. Zhang directs the Bioengineering Lab for Nanomedicine and Tissue Engineering at the George Washington University, which is located in the third floor of the Science and Engineering Hall (SEH). Her lab is well equipped with a full set of cell and tissue culture facilities, a series of 3D nano/micro tissue scaffold fabrication equipments, nanomaterial synthesis and characterization.



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