Multiscale multi-functional surfaces

Researcher: Stephen Hsu



Our bioinspired materials focus is multiscale, multifunctional surface design and fabrication. Based on lotus leaf, shark skin, and other plants and animals, and using nano- , micro-, macro, and mm-scale fabrication techniques, we design surfaces that potentially can achieve hydrophobicity, omniphobicity, icephobicity, and it also include friction reduction, drag reduction, antifouling, heat transfer control, etc.  We also have research on self-healing and self-repairing of systems and machines.



AFM, dual white light interferometry, FTIR, cryogenic DSC, cryogenic TGA, contact angle, all weather simulation chamber, NIST nanofab facilities.



ABS icephobic project, 450K



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  • “Design of an integrated multi-scale multi-functional surface” invited paper, Balttrib 2011 Proceedings, Aleksandras Stulginskis University, p. 75-80, 2011.